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Student Computers: System Recommendations


Recommendations for students using personal computers on campus.

Table of Contents

Purchasing a Personal Computer

Utah State University and Information Technology does not promote any specific make or model of computer. While most majors do not require a computer, you will want to check with your academic college to determine if a computer is required. Laptops can be purchased tax-free from the Campus Store, often at a discount. USU recommends installing antivirus software to protect any computer you use. 

For most students, consider buying a laptop with the following features:

8GB+ RAM (memory)

Computer RAM helps with multitasking when running multiple apps or many browser tabs all at once. Having more RAM now ensures your computer will still run great several years from now with newer software.

SSD Storage

SSDs (solid state drives) run much faster than HDDs (hard disk drives) and allow your computer and applications to start up quicker. SSDs are more reliable, so there's a lower chance of your computer crashing and loosing data.

All-Day Battery Life

Look for a laptop with long battery life so you don't have to plug in and charge during class.

Internet at USU

The BlueZone and Eduroam WiFi networks are available throughout campus. In addition to WiFi, USU housing also offers wired network connections. Check out these instructions for registering your device with Bluezone or connecting to Eduroam.

Security Note: USU's IT Security team scans the USU network regularly to ensure a secure networking environment for students, staff and faculty. Systems found to be a threat to the campus network (systems with viruses, compromised, etc...) or violating copyright laws may be removed from the USU network and may be required to pay a fee to reestablish network access. See University Policy 550 for additional information.

Student Computer Labs

Open access computer labs are available to all USU students across campus. Lab computers have software for students of many different majors already installed. Other resources for students including 3D printers, scanners, VR, and more are also available! See what Campus Tech Resources are available.

Printing on Campus

Students are able to print from their laptops to printers across campus. You'll need to install the print drives for the Campus Print system first. All students are given print credits to use, and additional money to pay for prints can be added to your account

Many students find it inconvenient and expensive to bring their own printer to campus. But if you do choose to use your own, it is recommended to connect it directly to your computer via USB instead of using wi-fi.

Software Available to Students

Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 are available, FREE, to USU Students, Staff, and Faculty! Other discounted software for USU students and staff can be found through the website. 

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