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Network: Registering Your Device to the USU Wired or Wireless Network


Follow these instructions to use the USU Eduroam/USU-guest network:

  1. Connect to the USU Network
    1. Wireless: Select Wireless and follow prompts to connect to Eduroam 
    2. Wired: Plug in your Ethernet cable to an active data jack (Ethernet network jack)

  2. Open the Internet browser on your device

    Note: If your device does not have a browser (i.e. printer, copier, gaming console, smart tv), you can register it manually

  3. If you are not directed to the guest portal right away, type in the address manually

  4. Once there, select the appropriate option for the device type you are registering

  5. Click on the appropriate link below to go to the proper instructions:

WIRELESS for computers and mobile devices

WIRELESS for other wifi devices

WIRED computers and devices


Note: Laptops sometimes have a wireless and wired (Ethernet) data connection, each with its own distinct MAC address. You will need to register your wired and wireless connections separately to access the network from both connection types.

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For further assistance, please contact your Department IT Support or the IT Service Desk