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What is my Username / ANumber


Once you have an Anumber and have an established relationship with USU (current or former student or staff) you will be able to visit to Self-Service Banner and other sites as long as the University uses this student ID system.

The format of your Anumber when used to log in will not include the dash. Example: A12345678

Find Your Username / Anumber

    1. Go to

    2. Click I don't know my Anumber

    3. You must have a Personal Email or Mobile number set for one of these options to work

    4. Your ANumber will be sent according to the option you chose.


Additional considerations

Email Option to Request Anumber

If you do not have a personal or recovery email in our records or are still unable to obtain your ANumber for some other reason, send an email titled "Anumber Request" with your Full Name and Date of Birth to


Other Options

Feel free to either chat with us, call us at (435) 797-4357, or go to and open up a chat to request your ANumber.


For further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk