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Network: IP Address Types at USU


There are multiple different IP address configurations at USU, each of which has different access restrictions.

All devices that use the campus Internet service must be registered to Bluezone or Eduroam with Information Technology before they can fully be connected. USU uses the unique physical address (or MAC address) of each network device to identify computers that have been registered and are authorized to use the campus resources. IP addresses are assigned based on an individual's registration and connection method.


IP Address Meaning Additional Information




Guest, Unregistered, or Disabled Device

These addresses are for our captive portal. These devices have not been registered on the network, have had their registration expire, have been registered improperly, have been disabled by an administrator, or have been affected by some other misconfiguration.

Devices with this type of IP Address can choose to use the Bluezone Guest Network. The Internet connection will be bandwidth restricted and content filtered.

Additional Help: See Registering a Computer on the Bluezone/Eduroam Network for help registering your device, or to look up disabled computers log into your account at




Registered Non-Routable Connection

A device with this type of IP address is registered and tied to an on-campus location, such as a student dorm room or an on-campus office. It will only allow access to on-campus resources. Any websites or resources that are not hosted on the USU network require you to use a proxy connection. 

Note: This is most typically used for printers, and can only be registered through a departmental IT specialist.

  129.123. * . *


Registered Connection

A device with this type of IP address is registered to a specific device. This IP address provides open access to anywhere there is a BlueZone wireless signal available, or an Ethernet jack that has been activated. These are termed "routable IP" on the Static IP request form

Note: The 129.123.*.* IP address has been the main IP address. The 144.39.*.* IP address been the main IP address at USU Eastern, but that IP address is now used at the Logan campus.



Private Connection

Devices with this type of IP address are usually receiving their addresses from another device (not from USU's network). In other words, a local router or other DHCP device is giving the 192.168.*.* or 10.*.*.*  IP address. In order to access the internet or other campus resources, this local router or other DHCP device will need to be registered on the Bluezone network or the client device will need to connect directly to the USU network. We are only able to provide support for devices connected directly to USU's network.

Additional Help: See Registering a Computer on the Bluezone/Eduroam Network.

169.254. * . *

Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)

A device was unable automatically acquire an IP address from the network (via DHCP). First, try rebooting your device, then check the connection between your device and the USU network.

Additional Help: See Cause of a 169.254.x.x for more information. - -


VPN Connected user

This address was assigned by a user connected to USU's network via Anyconnect VPN


For further assistance, please contact your Department IT Support or the IT Service Desk