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Cisco AnyConnect: VPN for Linux


USU's Virtual Private Network (VPN) server creates an encrypted stream between your computer and campus to provide you with a secure, remote connection to the university network. Authorized users can access the university network from anywhere (home, hotel, conference, etc.) with a secure internet connection.

Set up Using Cisco AnyConnect

      1. Go to in a web browser. 
      2. Login with your A# and password.
      3. Click "Download for Linux", note where you save it.
      4. In a terminal, go to the directory with the download and run:
        sudo bash
      5. Run the VPN client, either through your system menu, or with:
      6. Enter the apprporiate configuration for connection:
      7. When prompted, login with your A# and password. If using the staff VPN configuration, enter a 6-digit duo code, or type the word 'push' in the second password field.


      For further assistance, please contact your Department IT Support or the IT Service Desk