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Box: FAQ's for Box@USU


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How do I setup a Box account?

Who gets a Box account?
  • Box is available for all active students, faculty, and staff
    • Students must have an email account
      • Students who graduate from USU may request to keep their Box account by completing the online request form
    • Faculty and staff must have a email account
    • If you are a student staff, your box account will be converted to a staff account
How much space do I get?
  • Students: 50 GB
    • Students who graduate from USU may request to keep their Box account by completing the online request form
  • Faculty and staff: 3 TB with the option to request an increase
How big of a file can I upload to Box?
  • Box supports files up to 32 GB in size 
What devices can I use Box on? 
  • Any modern web browser (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox)
  • Windows with Box Drive, Box for Office, or Box for Outlook 
  • OS X with Box Drive
  • iOS with Box for iOS 
  • Android with Box for Android
  • Windows Phone with Box for Windows Phone 
Can I access my Box account when I am not on USU's network?
  • You can access it anywhere that you have internet access
What happens to my Box account when I leave USU?
  • Students may request to keep their Box account by completing the online request form. If you do not transfer the account to a personal account it will be deleted 90 days after the last day of the last registered term.  

  • Faculty and staff are not eligible to transfer to a personal account. Data will no longer be accessible by the user or collaborators after 30 days and data will be deleted after 90 days. Move critical University data to a Departmental Box account or make another user the owner and yourself an editor. If department requires data access after 30 days and before 90 days a Supervisor must email the owner's A number and file/folder name to the Service desk,
Can I share files/folders with other people at USU and outside of USU?
  • You can share files/folders with anyone at USU and anyone outside of USU that have a Box account. Refer to Getting Started with Box@USU for more information.  
If I share a file with another Box user, does it take away from their space?
  • The size a file or folder takes up counts only against the Owner of that item. It does not take away any storage from collaborators.  
Can I setup Box to sync files between my computers like Dropbox?
  • Yes, install Box Drive onto your computer.  Box Drive will present all of the content you have access to in Box as if they were locally on your computer.   
What is Box Edit?
  • Box Edit is a utility that you can install on your computer. (Windows and OS X) It allows you to open your files from Box with your local applications and save them back to Box without installing the full Box Drive. For more information check out the Box Edit Overview. 
Can I access my Box files from Office and Outlook?
  • Yes, you can access Box from Office and Outlook with the Box for Office and Box for Outlook applications.  
Can I use Box to send large attachments?
  • Yes, with the Box for Outlook application. It will upload the file to Box then put a link to the file to download into your email (supports up to 32 GB files). You can also do this manually by sharing a file for download in Box and putting the link in your email.  
What is Box Notes?
  • Box Notes is Box's collaborative word processor. Multiple collaborators can view and edit a note at the same time. Refer to Getting Started with Box@USU for more information.

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