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How to use the Submit Grades to Banner Tool in Canvas


How to use the Submit Grades to Banner Tool in Canvas

Before you begin

Reviewing and submitting grades



  1. From the navigation menu of your Canvas course, click Submit Grades to Banner.

    Submit Grades to Banner Navigation Link

    (If the Submit Grades to Banner button is missing, you can enable it by going to the Settings, click on the Navigation tab, then click and drag it into the top section of visible items. After you click Save you will see the button in the left menu.)

  2. In the Final tab, review the students' grades for accuracy. If you need to make adjustments you should make them in the Canvas Gradebook first, but you can also change the final grade by entering a new grade in the Final Grade box for each student.

Canvas Banner Grading Tool

  1. For students with failing grades refer to the Submitting a failing grade section.

  2. For any student who will be receiving an incomplete, delete the grade from the Final Grade box for the student. Incomplete grades are to be submitted in ServiceNow, see Submitting an incomplete grade.
  3. If the grades are accurate, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit

    If the grades were successfully submitted, a message indicating the number of successful submissions will be displayed.

    Successful Submissions Message

    If there were error messages, a message indicating the number of unsuccessful submissions will be displayed. Under each student that has an error there will be an explanation of the error.


    Unsuccessful Submissions Error Message

    If you see the error "The final grade X is not valid." (X is any valid letter grade) and the student is an auditor, you can safely ignore the message.

Submitting a failing grade

For each student with a failing grade, enter the last date of attendance in the Last Attended Date box. Use MM/DD/YYYY as the date format.

Last Attended Date - Failing Grade

Submitting an incomplete grade

Incomplete grades are to be submitted in ServiceNow
The USU policy for incomplete grades requires instructors to provide documentation with an incomplete grade submission. The documentation is to be shared with the student and to include outstanding coursework required to complete the course and an agreed-upon date when the coursework will be completed. Instructors are to document what grade the student will receive if they fail to complete their work by the agreed-upon due date.

To streamline the process, the Registrar’s Office has created a new ServiceNow form with all the necessary steps to submit an incomplete grade. Once the request has been submitted, it will be sent to respective students for approval before being processed by Registrar’s Office.

Because this process now exists in ServiceNow, incomplete grades have been removed from the Canvas and the Banner grade submission applications. If you have questions, please reach out to Adam Gleed in the Registrar’s Office at 435-797-7095.

ServiceNow link: Incomplete Grade Request

Submitting individual grades

  1. If you want to submit the grades for a single student or several students you will need to remove the grade from each student you do not want to be submitted.

    Submit a Single Grade

Checking Banner to verify grades were submitted

The Faculty Grade Entry form in Self Service Banner will allow you to review your grades. For more information about using Faculty Grade Entry, please refer to the Registrar's Banner Faculty Grade Entry tutorial.


Registrar Resources

  1. Grading Information
  2. Incomplete Grade Request
  3. Faculty Grade Entry Form
  4. Banner Faculty Grade Entry tutorial


Submitting from an iPad

If you are submitting from an iPad, you will need to use the Chrome browser. (You can download it from the App Store.)

  1. With Chrome browser app installed, open the Settings. Search for the Chrome browser settings and toggle on "Allow Cross-Website Tracking."
  2. Submit your grades using the process listed above using the Chrome browser (not the Canvas Teacher app).
  3. After you are done, you can toggle off "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" in the Settings.