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Email: Automatic Creation and Deletion of Employee accounts


USU Employee Email account provisioning, de-provisioning, and associated controls.

Table of contents 

Automatic provisioning of @USU.EDU email accounts

Automatic deprovisioning of @USU.EDU email accounts

Forwarding of @USU.EDU email accounts to external email addresses

Change USU Employee business process sources of record

Automatic provisioning of employee @USU.EDU email accounts

An automatic process creates* and provisions email accounts for new employees. Accounts may be provisioned and active up to 30 days before the “current hire date” specified in the employee record created in Banner. If a department wants to provide an email to the new employee more than 30 days in advance of the “current hire date,” a no-pay EPAF with IT Services will be required. The ServiceNow onboarding form no longer has an option to request an email as the process is now automated. The onboarding form is still required to assign the employee’s supervisor and department for MyTime usage.

Once the account is provisioned, an email will be sent to the personal email address of the new employee with details about their newly-created USU email account.  

* An email address is created for every USU employee. For benefited employees automation logic will attempt to create a unique email alias address based on the person's name in this order:

1. preferredfirst.last
2. first.last
3. first.middleinitial.last
4. firstinitial.last
5. firstinitial.middleinitial.last
6. first.last + random 2 digit number

Automatic de-provisioning of employee @USU.EDU email accounts

Accounts will be automatically de-provisioned based on the termination date (position end date) in Banner. The E-mail account itself will be de-provisioned after 90 days from the termination date. Further, the terminated employee's Staff role will be removed 30 days from the termination date, removing services such as Bluezone internet, Box, Adobe, Zoom, and Duo.

To retain these services, a department may submit a No-Pay EPAF, opting into IT Services. 

Forwarding of @USU.EDU email accounts to external email addresses

In consultation with Internal Audit Services, General Counsel, and Executive Committee, USU has tightened controls to better ensure compliance with USU and USHE institutional email policies. These policies require that University business be done utilizing USU’s email systems of record and prohibits the use of personal email services or addresses when acting as a University employee. Forwarding your account to personal email services or utilizing personal email services when acting as an employee is prohibited.

Change USU Employee business process sources of record

Employee profiles have a number of e-mail addresses in Banner (see example screenshot below from the employee profile at, along with descriptions). Many USU employee-specific business processes such as the “usu-benefitted-employee” email list and others, send to the "preferred/Primary email address", which is not editable by the employee.


Employees are required to use an email address for all official University communication per USU policy 557. This could be the one of the following:

USU Email Alias: This is a address that points to the USU Email. 

USU Email: This is an address that all employees and students automatically receive. 

Personal Email: This is a personal non-USU address that will be used by the University to communicate with you when you no longer have an active affiliation with USU.

Recovery Email: This address will be used to send password reset or other account recovery communication. Please set to a personal email address outside of the USU system. It should NOT be a address.

The bold and italicized address is the preferred/Primary email address used for all university communications. 


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