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Wireless: Troubleshoot Common Eduroam and Bluezone Wireless Issues


This article will walk through some troubleshooting steps if you are having issues connecting to the eduroam or BLUEZONE wireless networks

Common Symptoms and Resolutions


Flush DNS on Windows

  1. Click start, search for cmd, right click and click Run as Administrator
  2. Type ipconfig /all hit enter
  3. Type ipconfig /release hit enter
  4. Type ipconfig /flushdns hit enter
    • If the command was successful you will see the message "Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache"
  5. Type netsh int ip reset hit enter
  6. Restart the computer

Advanced topics for the USU network

This information is generally only useful for people involved in technical support.

Ethernet Switches and Consumer Routers

Wireless routers are generally not allowed on the USU campus, as they interfere with our wireless system.

Ethernet switches, wired routers, and similar devices are allowed on the USU network, however IT can only provide limited support when these devices are in use.  To prevent serious mis-configurations that could impact entire buildings, there is a default limit of 10 client devices on every wall jack on campus.

Switches (including switches built into Shoretel/Mitel phones) and routers can cause some unexpected behaviors:


Wake-on-LAN (WOL)

The USU network uses the "non-routable" VLAN by default ("lab" VLAN for labs) for ports that have not seen a device.  When the link goes down on a wall jack, our switch will reset it to this default configuration.  When a WoL-capable device goes to sleep or powers off, it changes the link speed to 10Mbps to save power.  This causes the link to go down and come back up on the port.  If the device is connected directly to a wall jack, the state on the switch port will be reset.  In this case, you must send your WoL packets on the default network for the port.  If there is another device between the WoL client and the wall jack (a phone or an unmanaged switch, for example), the link will stay up on the wall jack when the link goes down on the client.  In this case, the state is not reset on the port connected to the wall jack.  In this case, you will generally need to send WoL packets on the network the client device uses, however there are a number of events that could require a WoL packet on the default network for the port (time, device in the middle has rebooted, USU network device has rebooted, etc).


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For further assistance, please contact your Department IT Support or the IT Service Desk