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On Wednesday, August 5th we updated the email addresses used within ServiceNow processes, assisting employees with compliance of USU Policy 557.

All users with a staff and/or faculty role (including wage-hourly and other non-benefit positions) will have the email address used by ServiceNow updated to be their USU Employee Email rather than their Personal (Preferred) Email.

  • For users with a staff or faculty role, email notifications, including approval notifications, are now sent to your account.

You may visit to view your email address settings.




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  COVID-19 Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to be used if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have been asked to quarantine or self-isolate by your local health authority, or if you are planning to have or have had a COVID-19 test, even if you are still awaiting results.

  Travel Questionnaire

As an employee of Utah State University, it is our goal to provide a safe learning and working environment for all who arrive on our campuses.  Please help us meet this goal by completing this brief questionnaire.

  Communication & Internet Allowance

Communication and Internet allowances are paid through the payroll process and are considered either Taxable or Non-Taxable income. For the Non-Taxable option, the department will need to keep on file the employee’s most recent cell phone or internet statement.


Supervisor Request to Pay Non-Benefited Employees (COVID-19)

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or ACT) requires USU to provide both benefited and non-benefited employees with special paid sick leave for reasons related to COVID-19. These provisions will apply from April 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020.


Expanded Family & Medical Leave Request

The intent of the FFCRA Expanded Family and Medical Leave is to provide relief to employees caring for a child whose school or place of care is closed (or child care provider is unavailable) due to COVID-19 related reasons.


COVID-19 Labor Tracking

The purpose of this form is to provide employees a standard process to track and report hours worked related to USU preparing for, responding to, and mitigating the COVID-19 Pandemic. Do not report hours worked on COVID-19 prior to January 20, 2020.  


Material & Other Non-Labor costs associated with COVID-19

The purpose of this form is to provide employees a standard process to track and report materials purchased and/or consumed related to USU preparing for, responding to, and mitigating the COVID-19 Pandemic. Do not report materials prior to January 20, 2020.


Reporting Dashboard

Access to dynamic reports and data is only beginning.  With the first release of the reporting dashboard we offer multiple reports centered around P-Card, Travel and MyTime data. In the near future, we will provide access to additional reports including the ability to request custom reports for you and your organization. 


Document Approvals

This application enables people to send documents and initiate electronic approvals. Attach the document(s) you would like to have approved and fill out the form to determine how approvals will be routed. For additional information, please review the ServiceNow knowledge article.