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Reporting Dashboard

P-Card MyTime Travel Performance Management



ServiceNow reporting dashboards are created to provide insight into current and historical processes. Dashboards are a collection of individual reports displayed on a single page. The amount of data contained in a report may determine how quickly it loads. Access to dashboards are dependent on your role and/or position defined in Banner or your role within ServiceNow.

Reports are interactive. Example: clicking on a segment of a bar, pie or donut chart will dive into the data used to generate that report.

  • Charts may be exported by hovering over the chart and clicking the hamburger icon and saving the image. 
  • Lists may be exported by right-clicking any column header and selecting Export > Excel

Note: Access to data is based on your system roles and/or position.

To request access to a dashboard, request a new dashboard, or request modifications to an existing dashboard, please email