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Reporting Dashboard

Access to dynamic reports and data is only beginning.  With the first release of the reporting dashboard we offer multiple reports centered around P-Card, Travel and MyTime data. In the near future, we will provide access to additional reports including the ability to request custom reports for you and your organization. 


Document Approvals

This application enables people to send documents and initiate electronic approvals. Attach the document(s) you would like to have approved and fill out the form to determine how approvals will be routed. For additional information, please review the ServiceNow knowledge article.


Adobe Creative Cloud Account

Adobe Creative Cloud licenses are available to currently registered students and university employees. This software can be installed on personally owned devices.


Clover Account Request

Clover accounts allow USU organizations to receive secure and auditable payments.  These accounts and devices are associated with Utah State University, allowing transactions to be deposited into a University Index and Account Code.


Adobe Sign Account

Adobe Sign allows collection of online signatures in seconds — it’s easy for you, your customer, and teammates to digitally sign or approve documents.  Use web or mobile apps to send documents that recipients can e-sign anywhere, on any device. Adobe Sign is available for University Faculty and Staff and requires an email address. The cost is $1.10 per/document sent for signatures, billed annually, based on usage, to a USU Index number.