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Spirion @ USU


Spirion@USU (formerly Identity Finder)     

Utah State University has a duty to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive information generated from administrative, business, and research practices. Spirion is a data protection tool that will help you locate and secure this sensitive information. The following article will (1) familiarize you with Spirion, (2) provide instructions on how to use the tool, and (3) offer guidance as you make decisions on resolving flagged items.


What is Spirion?

Spirion is a software program that scans for PII and other sensitive information on Windows or MAC computers, external drives, and shared network drives. Spirion protects the USU Community by discovering and securing sensitive information across computers owned by Utah State University. 


Why is Spirion Important?

The risk of data breaches is minimized when sensitive information is stored in approved locations, such as Box. Spirion is an important data protection resource that offers the following advantages:


Where Do I Find Spirion?Lock Icon

Spirion may already be installed by the IT support personnel supporting your device.  If not, you may download and install the program. 

 Note: You must be on a USU Network or use the VPN to download files. If files do not download automatically, please log into your ServiceNow account.

If you encounter any problems while using Spirion, please contact your local IT or the USU Service Desk at 435-797-HELP (4357).


How Do I Use Spirion?Lock Icon

Many Spirion resources are linked below.  In addition, Spirion training modules are available at (search "Spirion"), and detailed user manuals are available on the Spirion website

If files do not download automatically, please log into your ServiceNow account. 


How Do I Manage Spirion in My Area?Lock Icon

This section will address the questions of who sees the results of your scan, what is contained in the report, what is the University Console? Console management accounts can be requested by Business Managers and IT Support.


Are Additional Spirion Resources Available?Lock Icon

Yes! The following resources are also available: